Posted by: Cameron Raulston | July 26, 2008

A Conversation and God’s Grace

There are times when I’m working here at Jeff Street that I get caught up in day-to-day routines. For example: I wake up, do a variety of work in the day shelter, have a quiet time, eat dinner, talk with the residents, hang out with my team mates, and go to bed. I don’t take time to process the experiences, conversations and interactions I’m having. One well known cliche says, “I can’t see the forest for the trees.” Perhaps more accurately in my case, I often can’t see the trees for the forest; in other words, I get so stuck going through the motions that I miss opportunities God provides to grow and invest in my neighbors.

I am thank-full to God for His grace and patience. Even though I am broken, He works in and through me. A few days ago, He gave me the opportunity to share some hope with my friend Wallace. As I’ve said of Wallace before, he is very quiet and withdrawn. He doesn’t respond much when I or others talk to him, sits alone at meals, and struggles with hygiene. Toward the beginning of the summer I tried to talk and sit with Wallace often, and he actually opened up a little. He responded to my questions and even asked me a few. Over the past few weeks, though, I haven’t been talking to him as much. So when I had the chance this week, I sat outside next to Wallace for a while. I tried to ask him questions to get to know him better and he shared a little with me about his medication. He seemed like he wanted to talk, but just couldn’t bring himself to do it. After multiple questions, short answers, and much silence, I asked if I could pray for him. He said yes, so I asked if he had any specific things I could pray for. He said, “faith.” I felt like this was an open door to talk with Wallace about Jesus. So I did. I told him about my Savior and what He’s done for us. I asked him if he had heard about Jesus before and he said he had not, and I asked if he wanted to pray with me. He did. So we prayed.

I wish I could end this story by saying Wallace eagerly accepted Christ as his Savior and Lord and is now growing like crazy, but I can’t. His response was ambiguous. But he did want to pray with me. I am learning slowly that life doesn’t always consist of clear cut situations, and I cannot change people. All I can do is share the love and good news of Jesus and love people. Please pray for Wallace and me–that he would trust in Christ and that I would continue to show him His love.


  1. Wow!! That’s really encouraging about Wallace! That was definitely a huge leap forward!! Go God!! And good job Cameron for being obedient and available for God to use!

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