Posted by: Brittany Asbury | July 25, 2008


Well, first I wanted to mention how the Somalian wedding went the other night! But I won’t spend too much time on it since my other teammates already all talked about it I think! 🙂 It was just so super awesome though!! We arrived at the wedding around 10:30 pm and didn’t leave until 3 am!! Yeah, it was a late night! 🙂 The way a normal Somalian wedding works is that the whole wedding is spread out over 3 days, with the final day being the party for the women at night and the groom coming to receive the bride sometime after midnight (this is the portion of the wedding we went to). For the first couple of hours, we just sat with our friends and talked with them. This time was followed by hours of dancing and finally eating, at 2 am in the morning. 🙂 The bride came in around midnight and the Somalian women all took turns dancing with her. It was so much fun! They have different dancing techniques for each music style: some songs you dance with your neck, some with your shoulders, and some with your belly (we didn’t get that one down). 🙂 But it was such an awesome experience to hang out with them and experience their culture. We’re just trying to build the relationships right now so that they don’t think we’re out to “convert” them. I did get an opportunity to share how God saved me with one of my Somalian friends so please pray that God uses that to draw her to Himself. I love our new friends soooo much!

Onto another topic, something drastic happened on Tuesday. I let one of my friends at the shelter… cornro my hair! Dum dum dummm.. lol ok it’s not that dramatic. It was actually pretty cool!! I was just a little nervous at first because I love to wear my hair loose and messy and those are both the exact opposites of a tight, neatly braided cornrow. 🙂 But it was a great bonding experience!! It also gave me a good opportunity to talk to this particular friend more because I had been wanting to get to know her better. Everyone kept complimenting her on her work as she braided my hair in the day shelter, so I hope she sees how awesome she is and that it was an encouragement to her. She said before we go back to school she would braid special designs into our hair! I think it’s amazing how something simple like hair can be an open door that God can move through. Wow!


  1. The wedding, what an experience. Thanks for
    sharing your stories, hardships, and serving
    here in Louisville!

    Friend of Jeff St.

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