Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | July 24, 2008

new friends

So God is really opening up doors in our relationship with some of our neighbors. There is a family that lives down the road from us from Somalia. They are all Muslim. They came over to our house for dinner last Friday (which is the first time anyone has accepted our invitation to come eat with us). Then on Saturday they invited us to a Somolian wedding which was amazing ! Then on Tuesday they invited us over for dinner. When we arrived at their home, alot of their family was there. About 20 people. We sat down and talked with them. The women sat in one section of the living room while the men sat in another. Then, one of the husbands had invited 2 people that he worked with so there was also a lady from Croatia and a man from Nicaragua! When it was time to eat they spread a table cloth out on the living room floor and sat the food on it. We sat on the floor and ate! The food was amazing! The whole evening was awesome! I had never experienced anything like it before. Who would have thought that I would be attending Somolian weddings and eating Somolian food? Who would have thought that I would be sharing a meal with people from 3 different continents and one different religion? Most of the people that I have ever been friends with have been people who are similar to me. They look the same or act the same or are interested in the same things as me. ….I have been missing out on alot!


  1. I think we all miss out when we don’t open our hearts and our doors to our neighbors! what an incredible
    story. Thanks for sharing!

    Friend of Jeff St.

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