Posted by: Chelsey Bottoms | July 24, 2008

cultures collide… in a good way

So I was getting really disappointed in our neighborhood relations. We had met many of our neighbors, but none had been able to come to a Friday night dinner… until last Friday!! On Thursday, one of our neighbors came over to see our house because she had been wanting to look at it. It was at that point that we realized we should invite her and her family over for dinner. When we did, they said yes, but that only a few of the women would be coming. But they also invited us to their cousin’s wedding on Saturday night. For information on the dinner, you should read Brittany Asbury’s last blog. On Saturday we went to get appropriate clothing for the wedding, since none of us had it. We bought long skirts and long sleeved shirts because our neighbors are Muslim. We found amazing $5 outfits at Goodwill that were perfect. When we got to their house that night, the women weren’t quite ready to leave. That left the men in the living room with us. First, the father told us that the baby could recognize good in people, and because he wanted to come towards us, that meant we were good people. Then, he told us that we were no longer guests in their home. Now their house was our house. Amazing!!

We went to the wedding and had an awesome time. It was for the women, since the men had their part of the wedding earlier in the day. It was great because not only did our neighbors treat us splendidly, but the rest of the women were really nice to us too. They showed us some dances, and one even did mine and Britany’s makeup. For us early to bed, early to risers, it was quite a late night. The wedding didn’t end until 3 am!!! It was okay though because it was such a good experience to have.

We have had other encounters with our neighbors since then, such as dinner at their house and hanging out with one of the ladies in the park. Please be praying for our relationship as it grows over our last few weeks here. Pray that it would be blessed, and that God would just put the words in our mouths that they need to here. Thank you all for your continued support!


  1. Praying for your relationships as you prepare
    to finish out your summer at Jeff St. I have enjoyed and been encouraged by ALL of your stories.

    Friend of Jeff St.

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