Posted by: coran stewart | July 17, 2008

What Really Matters

I’m a geek; I’ll admit it.  I’m a philosophy and religion double major at Georgetown College, and I read enough about those two subjects.  I even enjoy writing most of the papers I have to do for those classes.  Last semester one of those classes happened to be Basic Christian Theology, a 400-level class into which I sneaked my way.  I wrote about all sorts of things including Soteriology.  Now I can’t even spell the word without spell check, but I can tell you what it means (the study of the doctrine of salvation) and give you a boring rundown of prominent theories within the field.  Exciting stuff for all of you, I’m sure, which is why I won’t do that right now.  How does all of that relate to my work at HOPE, you ask.  Well, recently I find myself in a conflict between two schools of thought: Calvinism and Arminianism.   It’s actually proven quite frustrating for me.  I go to a church that teaches the position I am very much against, and the subject even gets brought up in conversations with the residents here.  It leads to tricky situations every now and then.

With all of that, I am coming to the conclusion that what really matters in the end is not our doctrinal stance but, rather, our love for others.  I think Stephen Curtis Chapman said it so eloquently that “It’s all about love, love, love, love, love.”  I will forgive his limited vocabulary because I think it really is a profound statement.  At HOPE, I am learning that true change happens in the heart because Christ moves through relationships.  It is love that holds those relationships together.  We need love for those that differ in beliefs from us.  This is a special mark of Christ’s church: not uniform belief but believers who disagree in love.  We need love for the poor and the oppressed because this is who Christ showed special love for, and it is his life we are to emulate.  “Love God.  Love others.  Nothing else matters” reads the motto of the program off of which the HOPE program is based (read: slightly ripped off from).  Maybe it’s a little simple, but, perhaps, the way of Christ isn’t so complicated.  So that’s what I’m learning, to love.  In the end, I think we all need love cause none of us have it all figured out.  I imagine that one day we will all see how misguided we have been, but I also know what will get us through.  Love.


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