Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | July 16, 2008

“When we look through the eyes of Jesus, we see new things in people. In the murderers we see our own hatred. In the addicts we see our own addictions. In the saints we catch a glimpse of our own holiness. We can see our own brokenness, our own violence, our own ability to destroy, and we can see our own sacredness, our own capacity to love and forgive. When we realize that we are both wretched and beautiful, we are freed up to see others in the same way”       -Shane Claiborne

This is a quote from a book I have been reading called Irresistible Revolution. Within the past week or so I have been made aware of the way that I view and love others. As much as I want to destroy the barrier of “me” vs “them”, it is still there. This is something that I am praying that God would eliminate. I hate that it is there. I want so badly to see people through the eyes of Jesus and love them the way I am called to love them. To love with the love that Jesus showed here on earth.

One thing that happened today really humbled me in this area. There is a man who comes into the shelter drunk everyday. He has been an annoying drunk that talks way too much and most of what he says doesn’t even make sense. I have seen him passed out on park benches a few times when outside of the shelter. To be honest, I had become a little disgusted with him. Today he came up and asked if he could play cards with me and another lady. I didn’t really want him to but told him he could anyways.

Long story short…it ended up being just me and him playing. At first he taught me a really cool card trick. Then as we talked, he started talking about drinking. I started asking him questions about it and he was honest. I asked him why he drank and he told me it was because he was disgusted with his life. He was honest and open about it. We talked for a little while longer. When he got ready to leave he told me good bye and I noticed something. My view of him had changed through just that one conversation. God was beginning to allow me to see this man through His eyes. This man was still an alcoholic, but one with a painful life who knew no other way to deal with it but through drowning it away one bottle at a time.

Please pray for this man as our team continues to love him and share the love of Christ with him. I know that addictions are no easy thing to overcome, but I also know that they are not too big for God. Also pray for me, as I am beginning to see people through the eyes of Jesus. Pray that we would all see others through Jesus’ eyes and love them the way that we are called to.

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