Posted by: Cameron Raulston | July 12, 2008

Come and Listen

“Come and listen, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me.”  -Psalm 66:16

Today was Come and See Day at Jeff Street, which involved the families and friends of us HOPE members coming to visit and finding out more about what goes on here.  (By the way, thanks so much to all of you who came out.  It was very encouraging and refreshing to see you all–especially my family.)  Over the past couple of days, I was really excited about today, thinking it would be relaxing and fun to see my family and meet some of my fellow team members’ families, and it was, but this day also turned out to be a learning and challenging experience.

The first part of the day consisted of my HOPE team members and I taking our guests on a tour of the shelter and the rest of Jeff Street, and then we all went to Sojourn Community Church for lunch.  After that, Matt Smith (a HOPE alumnus) spoke about his life after HOPE.  He told about how HOPE had changed the direction of his life and thought.  When responding to the question, “Do any of the guests or residents at Jeff Street have trouble accepting God’s love because of their bad family situations?, he said something that struck me:  He mentioned that he had shared the Gospel with a lot of people at Jeff Street.

This may not sound like a significant statement on it’s own.  But it was and is affecting me.  I realized that I have not been sharing the gospel very much through my words, which leads me to ask, where does my heart lie?  Do I truly believe that Christ is the only cure to our brokenness–to my brokenness?  How much do I love the men and women here at the day shelter if I simply hand toletries to them and shoot the breeze with them without so much as asking them if they know my Lord and Savior?

I want to want to tell people the truth about Jesus.  All too often I lack the motivation.  To any Christians reading this please pray for me, that I will love Jesus Christ more today and every day, and love people so much that I can’t help but share the truth with them.


  1. I have trouble with that too. I wish I could have heard what Matt said in person to challenge me more, but I appreciate your post because it helps give me more motivation!

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