Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | July 4, 2008

July Newsletter

I cannot believe that I have been in Louisville for over a month. A lot has happened here since I arrived in May.

The faces that come in everyday here at the shelter are no longer strangers. They are becoming my friends. A lot of the faces are in here daily doing laundry, taking showers, checking mail and just hanging out. I am beginning to get to know the guests here. This has been both good and hard at the same time. I love getting to know my new friends and hearing their stories. But a lot of times those stories include tremendous amounts of pain and brokenness; more than I have every experienced or could imagine. A lot of times I am overwhelmed because I can’t fix their lives and their problems. And then I am reminded that I am not here to do that. I am here to love these people and share the Gospel with them. Because “It is changing lives everywhere, just as it changed yours that very first day you heard and understood the truth about God’s great kindness to sinners.” –Colossians 1:6. Without our hands, without our feet, God has no way to touch the world of need.

An exciting thing that has happened recently is getting to know the folks in our neighborhood. Every Saturday, the girls team spends the day talking and hanging out with our neighbors. This includes stopping by to talk to neighbors on their front porch, making brownies for them, asking if there is anything around the house that they need help with, and getting to know them and their children. The past few Saturdays have been discouraging because people haven’t been home and when we have talked with people it has been awkward. This past Saturday we decided that it was time to meet the rest of our neighbors and ask if they had anything that they would like for us to pray for. One of the other team members and I set off to knock on doors and introduce ourselves and pray for them. We got to pray for one lady in her home and a lot of the other neighbors opened up and shared with us about their families and struggles.

One of the ladies that we talked with has been fighting cancer. She had just come home on Saturday from her cancer surgery. It has been a little awkward going over to her house at times, but we have been consistent in visiting her. One weekend we had made brownies for our neighbors and no one was home except her, so she and her grandsons got all of them. As we were talking to her she asked us if we could pray for something before we even had the chance to ask her. Surprisingly she did not ask us to pray for her, but for her daughter who is addicted to Oxycontin. The lady is taking care of her two grandsons because of her daughter’s addiction. Later on in the conversation she even asked us if she could go to church with us sometime! It was awesome to meet new neighbors and see God working as well as get to connect deeper with the ones we had already met. It opened my eyes to the struggles in the lives of those living on our street. I felt like it also let them know that we want to get to know them and that we care. We went into Saturday dreading the day and left anticipating the next week.

God is doing a lot here. I am definitely experiencing things that I haven’t experienced before. I would like to end with a request for your prayer support. Please pray for relationships to grow and deepen. Pray also for my relationship with God. I am finding more than ever my need to spend time with Him and receive my strength and energy from Him. It is easy to get worn out and exhausted without it. Thank you all for your prayers and financial support. It is because of your gifts that I am given this opportunity.

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