Posted by: Britany Marzan | July 1, 2008

It’s been too long

Wow I don’t even know where to start. I have realized when I wait to long to write a blog its hard to know how to cram everything you want to say in just a couple of words.

Well something God has been showing me is that we can become so consumed with all His blessings that we can totally lose focus of who God is Himself. Also, how we all have little forms of pride in our lives. The other day like any normal day at the shelter I was working in the storage closet. The girl that I had become pretty close with and have been praying for was talking with another guest at the shelter and the next thing I know I looked over and he is praying for her. When I first saw them praying my heart just sunk and I was filled with joy, but later I let my pride take over. I allowed myself to think well I am the one who is pouring so much into her and I want to be the one who “changes” her, but God kind of smacked me in the face. Its not about me! God has placed me in her life for a reason whether that be to plant a seed or water it. There is so much that I can do, but we need to step back sometimes and allow the Holy Spirit to do what we can’t. But continue to show love to that person. Regardless if they reject you or love on you.

God is so good and we don’t even seem to realize it and who he truly is. So love Him for Him and not only what He has done.


  1. you are really right on the mark with your thoughts. we can only bring the message and can never force it, so many times that causes people to turn away. we bring the message and be there for them, but God is the one who brings about ultimate change.

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