Posted by: Chelsey Bottoms | June 30, 2008

depression turns to excitement

Saturday is our community outreach day on the women’s team. We had attempted going out the other Saturdays, but hadn’t been very successful in our outreach. So I woke up on Saturday a little depressed. I felt like we really needed to get out that day, and during my devotion time I tried praying for each of the neighbors we did know. However, we didn’t have specific prayer requests, so I didn’t have much to go on. Britany and I went out and bought things to make a cookie cake for one of our neighbors who had just had surgery. She seemed to really appreciate it when we took it over to her house later.

After lunch, we sort of re-grouped about our plans for the day. We decided it was finally time for us to just go out and meet the rest of our neighbors, as well as ask for prayer requests from those neighbors we already knew. We split up into two teams, and departed from our house. Britany and I started with neighbors that we hadn’t met yet. The first neighbor that we met was really open with us. She told us she was so glad that we were going out to meet people. She also told us that our street has many good Christian people on it, and that if we ever needed anything, to let her know. This was really reassuring to hear from someone who has lived here for many years. Though we hadn’t planned on asking for prayer requests from the newly met neighbors, Britany told her that we were asking for them, and the lady’s eyes lit up. She first told us that she didn’t really have anything, but told us it was great that we were doing that. Within the next few minutes, she ended up really opening up to us. We even got to pray with her right there on the spot! It was amazing how God had changed my depressed day to one where I was rejoicing because of His goodness.

Last story that I will keep you with. We pass a house everyday on the way to the bus stop that appears to be occupied by an Arabic family. Brittany and I had been wanting to talk with them for awhile, and we got the chance on Saturday. One of the ladies was in the park with some of the kids and we walked up and started talking to her. She was really nice and told us that if we ever wanted to, we were welcome to come over to their house. I was amazed by this! I wasn’t really expecting an invitation out of the introduction, and yet it didn’t surprise me after the great day we had already had. God is great, and is moving in our neighborhood and on our street. It was a comfort and reassurance to be able to see that and be a part of it. I now cannot wait until our next community outreach day, and pray that it goes as well as this one did!

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