Posted by: Brittany Asbury | June 27, 2008


It was a normal day at Jeff Street. That is until the ambulance was called. All in one day the EMS showed up at Jeff Street twice. In the whole month that I’ve been there so far, it was the first day that I had seen the ambulance arrive. The first lady complained of a severely bloated stomach and difficulty breathing. I took a cool, wet wash cloth out to her to bring some comfort and I’ll never forget the look in her eyes. Her eyes were distant, but full of pain and fear. It kind of freaked me out. I’m still not sure how she is doing.

The second  lady that was taken to the hospital was the one that rattled me. I had been working at the front desk where the guests first come in. I saw her pass by and nothing looked out of the ordinary. A few minutes later I’m standing outside with one of my teammates waiting for the ambulance to arrive. That same lady that I had seen wander past the counter minutes earlier was sitting in the cafeteria about to faint. She had experienced some danger the night before and had received a cruel blow to the head. She was taken to the hospital to examine the horrific gash in her head.

Reality began to sink in as I pondered how these two women were doing in the hospital. I was rudely reminded that most of my friends at the shelter lead dangerous, scary lives. Everything looks to cozy, safe, and friendly in the shelter; it’s easy to lose sight of how the street really operates. God opened my eyes to see that an immense spiritual battle is daily taking place. In a scary sense I felt the urgency  to pray for my friends each night just to ensure that I would see them again in the morning. I’m glad God is powerful and that prayer changes things. As you’re reading this please pray for the physical and spiritual safety of my new friends.


  1. Brittany, what an eye-opening statement you made about the comfortable feeling you get in the shelter. I also find myself oblivious to the dangers and hardships of life on the street when I only interact with our friends in the shelter. Thanks for your insight.

  2. Good point.

  3. Praying for the safety and healing for the residents of Jeff Street and the entire Hope Team! Thanks
    for serving the homeless in Louisville!


    A friend of Jeff Street

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