Posted by: Chelsey Bottoms | June 27, 2008

Prayer and Share

Earlier this week we were told that we can’t expect information from people that we aren’t willing to return. I didn’t really think this would effect me that much, because I usually ask pretty basic questions. However, the other day I had the opportunity to hear one of our guests’ stories. They told me pretty much their whole life story in one afternoon. I was shocked by many of the things that I was told. This same person had previously initiated a prayer with me for a lady who had been taken from the day shelter for injuries. I had been moved then and was moved once more when they felt that I was trustworthy enough to tell their story to. We didn’t get to finish our conversation that day because of time constraints, but I plan on talking with this person again the next chance I get. I was convicted last night though, that I really need to share my side of the story with them too. It is hard to believe that a person could open up that much to a stranger, and I hope to be able to put my trust in God that when the time is right, I could do that too.

If you are a praying person reading this blog, please pray for the future conversation we will be having. Pray that my heart will be open to what they have to say, as well as for the courage to step out of my personal comfort zone and open up to them with my story. Thanks!!


  1. Praying for you as you open your heart and tell
    your story with the people you encounter and serve
    at Jeff street! Thank you for sharing!

    A friend of Jeff Street

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