Posted by: Cameron Raulston | June 18, 2008

A Reflection

Today has been challenging and rewarding, too. I have been realizing that God is still working even when I can’t see the results.

This morning I saw Ben. He was drunk. It broke my heart to see this man–who just a few days ago was trying to break alcohol’s stranglehold on his life–giving in to temptation and choosing a substance that obviously wreaks havoc in his life. Please keep praying for him.

I got to talk with Wallace today. (I also talked and prayed with him yesterday and he spoke in clear, understandable sentences. It was as if he had snapped out of a trance. Praise God!) He shared with me one of his struggles, which I’m sure is caused by his mental illness, and I told him I was still praying for him. He also remembered my name and called me by it. I wish I could describe him to you more so you could understand how out of the ordinary this behavior is, but I don’t want to get too specific. God is a God of love and healing. I am so thankful to Him.


  1. Cameron! I am so proud of you. You’re are doing an amazing thing with your summer. I love that you get to write a blog so we can all be updated with what is happening. I’ve been keeping you and your ministries in my prayers. I hope we can get together soon.

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