Posted by: Cameron Raulston | June 15, 2008

Seeing as He Does

On Sunday mornings at Jeff Street, we serve in the day shelter for a few hours before going to worship at Sojourn. A church comes in to make breakfast for our residents and homeless guests. Needless to say, a lot of people show up. There is also a short message given by a pastor from a local church. This morning, I sat down at a table with a man I’d seen before but never met. We’ll call him Ben.

I asked Ben how he was, or something typical like that, and minutes later I found myself immersed in a conversation in which I was listening to this man tell me all about what is going on in his life. He has been sober for 4 days. His girlfriend has been for 6 weeks. He talked about Jesus, and while I could not tell if he was genuine or just saying the “right thing” because he thought I was a Christian (I can’t see his heart, and I shouldn’t judge him anyway), he said he is seeking God and asking Him to help him quit drinking and get a house. He told me that God is working in his life. Although he lives on the streets with no alarm clock, he believes God has woken him up four days in a row in time to go to work (3:30 am). He and his girlfriend fight often, but they recently spent two hours together without any skirmishes.

At one point in his story, Ben’s face began to tremble. I saw too many years of sadness, pain, rebellion and fighting in the lines of his weathered face, and tears threatened to spill from his eyes. I felt such compassion for him that I could hardly stand it.

I asked Ben if I could pray for him. He held my hand while I did, and afterward told me that he knew Christ. I will keep praying for Ben to stay sober and keep his job. If you’re reading this, please pray for him too.

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