Posted by: Cameron Raulston | June 14, 2008

A gentle whisper

I often look for God to reveal Himself in large, obvious ways. So I get distracted and forget to listen and look for Him in small, seemingly insignificant conversations or events. But a few nights ago, by His grace, I think I saw Him at work and heard Him speak.

Most of the men I’ve met here at Jeff Street are easy to strike up conversations with. They are outgoing, and a couple of them are big talkers (sometimes more so than I would like). Wallace, however, is not. He is a younger man who rarely talks except for the occasional mumble of “fine” when asked how he’s doing. He sits alone at meals and stares at his plate with the sad, worried expression that is usually etched on his face, taking a few bites here and there. When I try to talk with him I feel saddened and sometimes discouraged, but God has been urging me to keep reaching out to him.

One night after supper, I approached Wallace to ask him how he was doing. He continued looking at the floor and mumbled something indistinguishable. When I asked him what he said, and he spoke up in a clear voice: “Fine.” He paused, and said, “toothbrush,” making a brushing motion across his lips with his finger. As we walked to find a toothbrush for him, Wallace opened up. He told me he had watched a movie that day (Shrek), agreed to play a game of checkers with me, and even asked what my name was. Our game probably took 20 minutes more time than I have spent with him since I’ve been here.

I can see God at work in Wallace’s life, and I can’t wait to see what He will do next, if He allows me to.

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