Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | June 13, 2008

Sign Language…

The other day in the shelter there was a guy that kept pointing to his mail box and making a noise. I wasn’t sure if he was Deaf or not so I signed I.D. to tell him that he needed his I.D. to check his mail. His face lit up and he asked me if I signed. I know Sign Language but am definitely not fluent so he had to fingerspell some stuff out for me but we had a conversation about where we each were from.

The day before I had seen him ask someone for socks and we were all out. He was really upset because he had blisters on his feet. Two days later he came in (after he figured out I could sign) and asked me for socks. I told him we didnt have any and felt really bad because his feet seemed to be hurting him alot. We were in the hallway and he started trying to ask other people if they had socks. They couldnt understand him so I told them what he was wanting. He finally got some and I was soooooo excited……Over a pair of socks. …Something I don’t think twice about having…because….i have just always had them.

I am so excited about being able to talk with him (even if i am a bit slow)…but he is patient with me. Ahhhhhh I love it……

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