Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | June 11, 2008

Oh, this is the start of something good…don’t you agree?

The other day me and Chelsey were walking from the shelter to the bus stop. On the way there we passed by 5 different homeless folks that we knew. We waved and said hi to 4 of them and then stopped and talk with one guy for about 10 minutes while we were waiting on the bus. I love that I have only been here a few weeks and I can walk a short ways down the street and see folks I know. Also, I was sitting in the kitchen Sunday morning handing out towels and hygiene stuff. I got the chance to have a few conversations while I was sitting there. When it got a little slow I was looking out at everyone sitting around talking, sleeping, and playing chess. I noticed that the room full of people was beginning to change. They are beginning to become a room full of familiar faces instead of just a bunch of people. I am starting to see God begin friendships. I’m already beginning consider these people my friends. After I left Sunday I was so excited! Weeeeee!!!!!

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