Posted by: Brittany Asbury | June 6, 2008

Sharing His Heart

It’s been a week and a half since I’ve been in the HOPE program! I’m loving it!! I feel so at home that I feel I’ve been here for months. A few months ago, God started laying the homeless and poor people on my heart. I began to realize that the homeless and poor are important to God, so I wanted them to be important to me as well. I asked for an opportunity to serve, and here I am. Working with the homeless was definitely out of my comfort zone: I wasn’t sure how to talk to them, or how to relate to them, or how to protect myself. But God called me here none the less. They’re not scary people at all. They are people with hurts and pains, joys and excitements, memories and abilities. Some have already become my friends! I still never forget the first man who made me feel at ease. He was asking for fashion advice, and in a hilarious attempt, I tried to help him. It made me see him the way Jesus does though, as a normal guy in need of love and acceptance. It’s so awesome too to serve beside so many Christians with the same heart led by God to serve. Working alongside my HOPE team members and the staff at JSBC has really encouraged me. But anyways I can’t wait to walk along side the streets of downtown Louisville and see my new friends!

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