Posted by: Chelsey Bottoms | June 6, 2008

Fresh Hope

I have been so excited about this summer since I figured out what I was doing. I had an amazing time at Jeff Street over spring break, and I couldn’t wait to get started! For the first week and a half, we have been in training, both for HOPE and for work at JSBC. While training at the front desk, I met a young man who was new to the center. Corey (name has been changed) told us that he wanted to be out of his position [of being homeless] with in the next couple of weeks, and that he was going to look for a job soon. He had some job training, but had just fallen on hard times. It seemed crazy to me, as it has before, that a person just a little older than me could find themselves homeless. As I was pondering that, another man came along who was on the job quest as well. What a shocker for most people to know there are quite a few out of the homeless population who have jobs, or are at least seriously looking for one! I know that I probably still have many of my own stereotypes of homeless people to break, but I am sure learning a lot by being here – even only a week and a half later. Can’t wait to share more of those broken stereotypes!

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