Posted by: Jesse Eubanks | June 5, 2008

Blogging & Journaling Exercises

Ideas to consider when blogging and journaling:

– Write about an encounter you had with someone at JSBC or in your neighborhood (make sure to change their name to protect their anonymity)

– Write about what God is teaching you this week

– Write about an experience you had with your Teammates.

Other ideas:

Relationship with God:
• How did you experience God today? If you weren’t aware of God’s presence, write about that.
• Write a letter to God.
• Meditate on a scripture with pen in hand, and write as the Spirit leads.
• List the fruits of the Spirit evident in your life today. Which were lacking?
• Dialogue with a person whose story is told in the Bible.
• Keep a special section to list your prayer requests. Use this list for intercessory prayer and to keep track of how God answers.
• Make a quotation page-keep a record of important of hilarious phrases or ideas that you hear or read.
• Make a page of significant scriptures. Record the date and situation that made the scripture significant at that time.
• Paraphrase scriptures-rewrite them using your words, your name, and your situation.

Relationship with others:
• Describe your most significant interactions with others today. Make a list of important people in your life. Use the list as a guide to thanksgiving prayer, or as a reminder to communicate with them.
• Did you affirm or help someone today? Who? What was your attitude about it? What happened?
• Write a letter to someone who hurt you. Use it to gain perspective and make decisions about what you can do in the reconciliation process. Share the letter with the offender, and if that is not possible or appropriate, offer the letter to God.
• Who most challenges your joy and peace during the day? A teammate, neighbors, church people, someone from your past? Why? What can be done?
• Who forms the layers of others in your life? List the kinds of people you care about, beginning with close-family, friends, and then move out to the broader world such as country people, city people, Americans, other countries, people of other economic classes, other language groups, other cultures. What is your attitude/responsibility toward others in the world?
• What was the best conversation you had today?
Relationship with your environment:
• Use just one sense at a time to perceive your living environment. Sit against the building out front and listen. Record what you ear. Smell. Touch. Look. Taste.
• What did you see in the Day Shelter today? What did you think of it? What might God think?
• Make a page of question about your environment.
• Where do you see people degrading the environment?
• Reflect on past living environments. How does this summer compare with others places?
• What is your sense of place? Do you belong in this place? Do you feel like a visitor, a stranger, a friend, a neighbor? Do different contexts change that feeling?
• Read Romans 1. Take a walk in your neighborhood and ask God to show you the Holy Spirit’s presence.

Relationship with self:
• What was your range of emotions today? List them and write about them.
• What hurt you today? What made you feel cared about today?
• Release emotions in your journal. Set them before God and make decisions about handling them.
• What do you believe? Why do you believe it?
• What do you value? What organizes your life? What do you strive for?
• Where do you spend your time?
• How healthy are you? How do you care for your body?
• Write about family relationships. How have they nurtured you? How have they hurt you? Which patterns do you want to continue in your adult life? Which do you want to discontinue?
• Clarify beliefs. Choose a word; God, Jesus, Bible, prayer, Holy Spirit, mission, work, relationship, justice, sin, or redemption. Write what you believe about the word.

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